artist highlight: cindy zell

Part of a series highlighting different artists, artisans, and creators who make work for a more beautiful space and life.

Upon discovering several artists who create work both beautiful and compelling, I’ve decided to start a series where I showcase and illustrate specific pieces that speak to me. The first is Los Angeles-based artist, Cindy Zell.

Cindy Zell’s “Large Ceramic Arch Loop” that I illustrated

The philosophy behind Cindy’s elegantly thoughtful pieces are ideals that I align with and respect immensely. Below is an excerpt of her design process:

“My work is process and material-driven, exploring the influence of gravity on composition. Individual pieces serve as studies on gesture, curves, drape, and weight […] It’s a careful and meditative process that results in a contrast between the softness of the fibers and the tension required to hold it together. My work embraces interaction, touch, and the spirit of the handmade. […] Each piece is meant to last and is made through a process that is slow, small, and intentional.”

All photos courtesy of Cindy Zell

Cindy fully embraces the concept of creating for a moment of pause. Her pieces invite the viewer to use their senses, especially with physical touch, which creates a sense of warmth — whereas most art pieces can feel cold and stale especially when not tactile. I love the way different materials and textures come together so cohesively even if their origins are entirely different, something that is constantly being considered when designing interiors. Her pieces evoke a sense of calm and wonder, and make the spaces that they are living in just that much more beautiful.

I’d love to hear of any new artist / artisans / creators who are inspiring you as well!


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