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Part of a series highlighting decor details that will elevate your space

One of the most important things I learned from working at high-end residential design firms was that layering curated decor details drastically change the dimensionality of any space. Many of our clients had budgets that were a bit more.. flexible than most, so we often had the freedom to source one-off decor from antique dealers, companies who make artisanal products, or even design our own items at times.

Though I’d love to buy the most exclusive pieces from all over the world, the reality is that both myself and a lot of people I know simply aren’t in the position to do so at the moment. Instead, what I like to do is find pieces that are aesthetically fit, reasonably priced, and functional for everyday living.

I’ve narrowed down a list of 5 decor categories that will elevate any room and bring your spaces to life. Also included are ideas for their uses, along with links for each (majority of these items are less than $100!)

1. OBJECTS provide warmth and a layered feel to a space. Opt for organic shapes and smooth lines.

Uses: tables, shelves, tables, books, coffee tables, any and all surfaces that need more layering.

Clockwise from top to bottom:

Wood Chain Link // Sage Marquee Lid Box // Blush Marquee Lid Box // Limestone Chain Link // Wooden Tassel Beads // Brass Arch Candle Holders

2. TRAYS helps break up a surface so that it isn’t too overwhelming visually.

Uses: bar carts, coffee tables, bookshelves, bathrooms, vanities, anywhere you need organization.

Clockwise from top to bottom:

Green Lacquered Tray // Rattan Woven Tray // Black Marble Tray // Aalto Wooden Tray // Black Leather Tray w/ Handles

3. THROW BLANKETS with varying textures, patterns and colors can really brighten up a room. These are a lighter weight for warmer months, and have been intentionally chosen for their all-natural fibers content (like cotton or linen).

Uses: as a blanket or draped over seating for added color and dimension to any chair or sofa.

Clockwise from top to bottom:

Fringe Waffle Throw // Woven Print Throw // Linen Fringe Throw // Cotton Muslin Fringe Throw // Woven Cotton Throw

4. VASES / PITCHERS are multi-functional and can be used as a sculptural addition to any floral arrangement. Watering cans can also double as vases as well.

Uses: Flower arrangements, plants and succulents, showcasing collections (corks, coins, rocks, shells etc), pitchers are great to have on hand as a reminder to drink more water!

Clockwise from top to bottom:

Brass Hanging Circle Vase // Green Glass Vases // White Contour Vase // Blush Pitcher // Brass Watering Canister

5. BASKETS aren’t a new concept in any way, but the options for beautiful storage baskets are so much more available now! Selecting baskets made in different materials, weaves, and finishes help add more texture to shelves and under benches.

Uses: Throw blankets & pillows, books & magazines, plants, laundry, excellent for hiding kid’s toys (will dedicate a whole post for this subject soon).

Clockwise from top to bottom:

Rattan Basket // Gold Wire Basket // Black Jute Basket // Pom Basket // Seagrass Basket

The key is to have fun with different colors, textures and materials — these small details are where you can really incorporate personality in any neutral space. Which are your favorites, and what type of decor details do you find yourself gravitating towards?


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