all in the details: creating vignettes

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After having purchased all of the furniture pieces for her new home, my client confessed that she felt very overwhelmed by the idea of buying and styling accessories for all of the surfaces she now owned: large dressers, credenzas, consoles — the list, and task of finishing each space, was seemingly endless.

I find this sentiment for styling accessories to be very common, especially because it seems like the job should be done once all the big ticket items are purchased … only to realize that once those pieces are in your home, you suddenly have numerous empty surfaces that make the space feel flat and unfinished.

This is where creating a vignette — a curated ‘moment’ of objects and accessories on a surface — become key to adding life and dimension, even if it calls for purchasing items that may seem less functional and more decorative. It’s in those pieces where layering and personality start to form a visual dialogue for the space.

I’ve illustrated 3 different vignettes for surfaces in any room: a master bedroom dresser, living room console, dining room sideboard or great room credenza. The difficult task is to find beautiful objects that also don’t cost a fortune, so I sourced a wide array of items that range in price — with nothing exceeding $250!

The key takeaways are:

-Opt for asymmetry and have varying heights between items. It’s also great to create intentional negative space (the empty space between objects) as it gives important visual balance

-Combine textures and shapes to add depth and richness to the vignette. Sculptural lamps and vases are always a great way to do this

-Choose items that put the “fun” in functional… ; ) But really, don’t be afraid of color. Pops of color in accessories can make a space feel animated and much more dimensional


Clockwise from top: Brass Bowl // Incense Holder // Red Woman Print // Muse Bowl // Live Beautiful Book // Sculptural Vase // Tri-Colored Tray // Sage Green Lamp


Clockwise from top: Green Ceramic Lamp // Yellow Face Print // Semi Circles Print // Wooden Votives // Boob Small Tray // AD at 100: A Century of Style // Handmade Ceramic Vase // Footed Tray in Clay Red // Sculptural Candles


Clockwise from top: Tiger Valet // Mood Print // Caned Black Tray // Ceramic Footed Bowl // Nest Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser // Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast // Miles Redd: The Big Book of Chic // Coiled Vase // Lavender Pleated Lamp

I hope this was helpful in visualizing different ways to create a vignette for your surfaces. You can opt for less objects to be more minimal or add more and go completely maximalist, but starting with a few foundational elements like the above will help bring your space to life.

If you need more accessory ideas, I highlighted several great items that can work anywhere in this post as well! And if you have any questions or need assitance designing/styling, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below.


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