custom furniture: coffee table & ottoman

Illustration by GLL

While living in Chicago, I was in search for a coffee table that would fit a fairly strict criteria: it had to be beautiful, functional, and childproof. Although this was before we had Maison, I still had the mindset that I needed a coffee table that would be able to be used with children. I noticed that so many of my friends and family who had littles either didn’t have a coffee table or put it away so that it wouldn’t become a hazard, and I didn’t want to invest in something that would eventually be unused.

Photo by Ryan McDonald

It didn’t seem like such a big ask to find an aesthetically-pleasing-yet-child-friendly piece, but it was nearly impossible, especially several years ago when a lot of the newer, more modern furniture collections weren’t around. So the next best thing was for me to design the one I had in mind instead! I worked with a local upholsterer, Burchell Upholstery, and worked through several drafts of sketches and specs with them. I selected a beautiful taupe faux leather (so durable!) from Maxwell Fabrics, sourced a set of legs from Pretty Pegs, and this coffee table & ottoman was born.

Photo by Rachel Loewen

Three years and one toddler later, I’m happy to report that this piece of furniture has become one of the most functional pieces in our home! Since our sofa doesn’t have a chaise, we often push the table up to the seat so that it becomes much more comfortable space to splay out our legs when we’re watching tv. With the simple addition of a tray, we’re able to use it as a coffee table and put drinks or snacks on it. Not to mention, Mais loves to climb on/below/over it constantly, and has tumbled many times into the corners without getting hurt.

If you’re having a hard time finding a piece of furniture that suits your home and needs long-term, I would definitely recommend going the custom route and working with artisans to create a special piece just for you!


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