client project: chipman st. master bedroom

Part of a series showcasing different client projects by individual rooms to share a glimpse of the design process

One of the rooms that I designed for the residents of Chipman St. was the master bedroom. They have extremely busy lives with demanding careers and a young toddler, so they desired a room that would serve as a place of rest and respite.

There were several rounds of revisions to achieve the right look and feel for the space. We started with a very neutral, casual California coastal mood — but upon realizing that the aesthetic didn’t feel right for the room, we opted for a chic, slightly dressed up boudoir that still felt very comfortable instead.

Master Bedroom Floor Plan by GLL

After mapping out the space and creating various floor plans, I landed with the above as it grounded the room and had the most flow. The clients had an existing bed and dresser, but needed additional furniture, accessories, and window treatments to bring their room to life.

One of the main requests from the client was to include a vanity and stool as well. I love this desk by Blu Dot because it has a sliding top that can conceal belongings to prevent it from looking cluttered.

We’re still deciding on what kind of art to hang in between the windows and bedframe, but I love the idea of a Cindy Zell piece, so I drew one in for the illustration. I’ve featured her work in this post previously — her art evokes calm and has a fluid, ethereal quality.

Images by Cindy Zell

With the layering of luxe fabrics, materials, shapes, and textures, the overall look is elevated to that of a sophisticated – yet casual – boudoir that promotes serenity and repose for this lovely couple.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to work within the parameters of a physical space in tandem with each of my client’s needs. I’m currently designing another master bedroom that I’m excited to share soon! In the meantime, this room that was recently completed is worth checking out as well.

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Custom Roman Shades // Meredith Metcalf Ceramic Lamps // Nightstands // Bed (the one in the rendering is the client’s but I sourced a similar one) // Bench // Cindy Zell Artwork // Stool // Vanity // Mirror // Birds of Paradise Plant // Planter // Cotton Throw with Tassels


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