client project: hermosa st. master bedroom

Part of a series showcasing different client projects by individual rooms to share a glimpse of the design process

My Hermosa St. client reached out to have me design her master bedroom at the start of COVID-19. She shared that, after prioritizing the communal spaces and her children’s rooms for several years, the master bedroom had inevitably become neglected and more of an afterthought. Upon working from home due to the pandemic, she decided it was finally time to completely revamp her bedroom and start afresh with a space more suitable for both her and her husband.

The bedroom also functions as her office, so we came up with a floor plan that accommodates as a workspace and reading space as well.

One of the moodboards considered was this earthy palette, with browns, taupes and accents of charcoal greys.

Clockwise from Top:

Rug // Bed // Lamps // Nightstands // Floor Lamp // Lumbar Pillow // Slipcover // Planter // Throw // Bench

The final moodboard and pieces we decided on incorporates a little more femininity and brightness, with hues of pinks, beiges, and warm greys.

Clockwise from Top:

Rug // Throw // Portable Lamp // Side Table // Lumbar Pillow // Slipcovers // Bench // Bed // Nightstands // Table Lamps

My client really wanted to incorporate her existing Ikea armchair + ottoman that she’s loved for many years, which has since been discontinued. She never came across a replacement that was quite as comfortable, and why fix what isn’t broken? So we decided to replace the slipcover with a beautiful silvery-grey velvet one by Bemz. If you aren’t familiar, they create slipcovers and accessories, like legs, for many discontinued Ikea furniture! This is a great alternative to replacing pieces of furniture you want to hold onto — it makes such a difference.

We added a sleek filing cabinet, wall sconce, and two of these brass shelves for artwork to complete her office space.

Illustration by GLL

I relate with this project not only as a designer but also as a mother — as many parents can understand, our wants/needs are often put aside in order to fulfill whatever is more urgent or necessary first. Providing a calming, functional, and well-designed space for my client to unwind and ultimately have for herself has been such a joy to create.


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