casa lee-lim: master bedroom re-design

I may or may not have been influenced to re-design my master bedroom after designing several master bedrooms for clients (such as this recent one here). I’ve been hearing the sentiment that the master bedroom gets pushed to the last priority especially after having children — there are just too many other rooms that end up absorbing much more attention! I realized that the same sort of situation subconsciously happened for myself as well after having moved cross-country a little over a year ago and trying to keep up with life as it unfolded. I finally decided to make some small improvements to get the space looking and feeling much more welcoming for myself to enjoy.

Left: where the lamp used to live // Right: its new home on my nightstand

I purposely wanted to reuse items that I already had, such as a few side tables and my favorite Louis Poulsen lamp, from my living room that never got much use (note: pandemic + a 20 month old tearing through at full speed) so I rearranged the space to work just as fine without those items and moved them to my bedroom instead.

There wasn’t an additional lamp for my husband’s side, and I didn’t want to get the exact same Louis Poulsen one I have since I wanted some asymmetry, so I got this beautiful Hay Matin Pleated Lamp and it worked out so nicely as a his-and-hers space. The functionality is great because my husband doesn’t like to read in the bedroom, whereas I love doing so, and the Panthella Mini has a brighter light output than the Matin Lamp to fit our needs.

After moving into our current home in California (more on the move in this post), I kept putting off hanging this hand-painted vintage Korean screen above my bed just in case I wanted something else there. A year and a half(!) later, I finally pulled it out of the closet and hung it, overriding the need to have everything perfect and just working with what I already have — and I love it.

On a side note, I’ve recently begun listening to Domino’s new pod “Design Time” featuring some of the greatest design talents (which I definitely recommend adding to your list) and I was captivated by Leanne Ford’s interview! One of the highlights was her advice to do something in your home that only takes two minutes to bring you a lot of joy, such as hanging artwork, and that’ll transform the feel and energy of the space for the long term. She was 100% correct and it really only took two minutes to do so. Not everything has to be dramatically changed in order to create a totally different mood for a space.

Another simple but great way to achieve an entirely different feel for a bedroom is with new bedding. I purchased this linen duvet cover from Zara Home and also have this lovely organic cotton quilt from Korea that I love. The euro shams are made in a soft linen by Parachute Home, and are great for propping up to read.

As Mais becomes older, I’ve yearned for my own space to read and have my own quiet moments in (although she’s become a pro at climbing up to read together or have the occasional pillow fight). Creating a space for myself that evokes the feeling of calm has been incredibly rewarding and necessary!

Although I love the asymmetry and sculptural feel of the two different lamps, I wanted to make sure they had the same effect in the way they glow at night. Both diffuse light beautifully and highlight their sculptural designs, ultimately creating a nice, warm visual interest that brings me a great sense of joy.

Overcoming perfection and simply doing the most with what I have has become a mantra in my 30’s, not only as a designer but as a mother as well. By making a few slight adjustments to my bedroom, I’ve been able to enjoy a space that allows me to unwind and rest after a long day, and will (someday) be the perfect place to sleep in on the weekends! I hope this encourages you to make any adjustments to bring newfound joy in your own space.

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