client project: mansfield st. nursery

Part of a series showcasing different client projects by individual rooms to share a glimpse of the design process

There are fewer things more exciting than when your best friend announces that she’s having a baby, so this project was an extra special one because it was for my dear friend Ellen of SpreadFashion & her darling babe Cassian!

With the prospect of moving homes in the horizon, Ellen was initially on the fence of whether or not she wanted to have a nursery to begin with. However, with a little bit of coaxing (what are designer bffs for?) we created a full-fledged room that is so cozy, bright, and chic.. with a little bit of the baby vibe thrown in. The outcome is just so lovely and I’m excited to share the process and results with you.

Since this was a remote project, the process was slightly different than those that are done in-person. I had Ellen send me her room measurements including all of the doors and windows, and I laid out the floor plan and decided which furniture pieces and dimensions fit well without obstructing the flow.

The room is long and narrow with high ceilings and tall windows, so the floorplan I created, to the left, kept the space feeling as airy and open as possible since it can easily feel confined.

Floorplan Drawing & Nursery Moodboard

We wanted to create a space that wasn’t going to look too nursery-ish, adhering instead more to Ellen’s California luxe causal aesthetic. Below is a “before” illustration I illustrated of the vision for the nursery:

Having the daybed centered along the wall with the windows flanking either side grounded the room nicely. The rest of the furniture pieces, such as the crib, dresser/changing table, and chest (which ended up being replaced with the glider) perfectly fit along the remaining walls with just enough room to feel cozy and comfortable.

Ellen wanted to steer clear of having anything feel too boyish so we kept all of the wood finishes light and bright, in shades of either white or natural wood. We incorporated pops of color in the artwork, pillows, and linens instead. Such a perfect mix of warm, earthy tones and subtle hints of blues alongside soft peaches and blushes to layer and give depth!

We incorporated vintage for the room as well as new pieces so that there was a nice mix. The rug is a stunning vintage Turkish find that Ellen spotted on Etsy, which we jumped on quickly as it was such a modern, unique style of Kilim!

Aren’t these two just the sweetest?!

In the midst of all the chaos going on in the world and the anticipation of baby Cass’ arrival, this room ended up being such a wonderful place of respite in the last few weeks of Ellen’s pregnancy. There’s nothing I would want more for a mama-to-be/new mother! Check out her post for additional photos from her nursery reveal.

It was so much fun designing this nursery with Ellen, and I’m so glad that I had a hand in creating something for baby Cass, even if it was remotely done. I’ve been taking on more projects remotely ever since COVID became a reality and it’s been so rewarding to see my clients love the spaces we design together!

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Photography by Michelle Jisun Kim // Edited by Ellen of SpreadFashion

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