client project: los angeles st. pied-à-terre

Part of a series showcasing different client projects by individual rooms to share a glimpse of the design process This Los Angeles St. client came to me as she needed design help for her new pied-à-terre. As a professional photographer who travels often, she was in need of a space that could function in multipleContinue reading “client project: los angeles st. pied-à-terre”

client project: chipman st. master bedroom

Part of a series showcasing different client projects by individual rooms to share a glimpse of the design process One of the rooms that I designed for the residents of Chipman St. was the master bedroom. They have extremely busy lives with demanding careers and a young toddler, so they desired a room that wouldContinue reading “client project: chipman st. master bedroom”

custom furniture: coffee table & ottoman

While living in Chicago, I was in search for a coffee table that would fit a fairly strict criteria: it had to be beautiful, functional, and childproof. Although this was before we had Maison, I still had the mindset that I needed a coffee table that would be able to be used with children. IContinue reading “custom furniture: coffee table & ottoman”

art & object: moon jar

The Korean ethos of balance, especially when it comes to form and function, have always been an integral part of my design philosophy as a Korean-American. Having recently discovered the quiet beauty of the moon jar, also known as dalhangari, I’ve grown immensely fascinated with its history and how different ceramic artists have created theirContinue reading “art & object: moon jar”

all in the details: creating vignettes

Part of a series highlighting decor details that will elevate your space After having purchased all of the furniture pieces for her new home, my client confessed that she felt very overwhelmed by the idea of buying and styling accessories for all of the surfaces she now owned: large dressers, credenzas, consoles — the list,Continue reading “all in the details: creating vignettes”

a little bit of grace: moving midwest to west

I remember the day so clearly — I was 5 months pregnant, working at an interior design firm in Chicago when my husband called midday, something completely out of the norm unless urgent. I stepped out to answer and he eagerly told me that he was presented with the opportunity to move to Napa, California!Continue reading “a little bit of grace: moving midwest to west”